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New features added often

  • Fixed batteries can now be created for those clinics that administer a prescribed battery to clients and/or for clinical NP research protocols.
  • All data from all subjects is available to be transferred and analyzed to your statistical software.
  • Without sharing your client data, the template scoring battery protocol can be shared to your colleagues.
  • Personal “internal” norms can be added to your private account.
  • iOS App available in the App Store


  • Normative database accesses more than 70 of the most commonly used measures in neuropsychology
  • Normative data collected from peer-reviewed studies
  • Nearly 10,000 study results and 1500 citations, and growing
  • Data sample size (n) of ~80,000 individuals
  • Quick and easy to search and sort on all platforms, including mobile and tablet
  • Consistently updated with the most recent measures and studies
  • Focus on ethnically diverse and international norm research
  • Opportunity to suggest new measures
  • Opportunity to submit studies

 No identifying information of your clients/research participants is stored by us in any way.