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All available Measures

    5_Digit_Stroop: Five-Digit Stroop Test
    9HolePeg: Nine-Hole Peg
    ACT: Auditory Consonant Trigrams
    AVLT: Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
    BNE_Stroop: BNE Stroop
    BNT: Boston Naming Test
    BNT15: Boston Naming Test-15 item
    BVMT_R: Brief Visuospatial Memory Test Revised
    BVRT: Benton Visual Retention Test
    CAN: Cancellation Tests
    CT: Category Test
    CTT: Color Trails Test
    DFT: Design Fluency Test
    DigitSpan: Digit Span
    DigSym: Coding (Digit Symbol)
    Dot_Test: Dot Counting Test
    DYNA: Grip Strength Test
    EIWA: Escala de Inteligencia Wechsler para Adultos
    FT: Finger Tapping Test
    GPT: Grooved Pegboard Test
    HVLT: Hopkins Verbal Learning Test
    HVOT: Hooper Visual Organization Test
    IGT: Iowa Gambling Task
    JLO: Judgement of Line Orientation
    MMSE: Mini-Mental Status Exam
    MoCA: Montreal Cognitive Assessment
    NCSE: Cognistat
    NeSBHIS: Neuropsychological Screening Battery for Hispanics
    NEUROPSI_AM: NEUROPSI AtenciĆ³n y Memoria
    NIHToolboxCog: NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery
    OTT: Orals Trails Test
    PASAT: Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test
    PerriAVLT: Perri Auditory Verbal Learning Test
    RavensPMT: Raven's Progressive Matrices Test
    RBANS: Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status
    R_OCF: Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure
    SDMT: Symbol Digit Modality Test
    SemiCF: Semicomplex Figure
    SPM: Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices
    SPNP11LA: Spanish-Language NP Tests in Eleven Latin American Countries
    SPNP9LA_Peds: Spanish-Language NP Test in 9 Latin American Countries-Peds
    Stroop_C: Comalli Stroop
    Stroop_G: Golden Stroop
    Stroop_H: Hammes Stroop
    Stroop_K: Kaplan Stroop
    Stroop_V: Stroop Victoria
    TexMexAANS: TexMexAANS
    TMT: Trailmaking Test
    TPT: Tactual Performance Test
    VF: Verbal Fluency Test
    VFDT: Visual Form Discrimination Test
    WAIS_IV_Mexico_: WAIS-IV (Mexico)
    WCST_128: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-128
    WCST_64: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-64 Card
    WCST_M: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-Modified Version

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